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    Microsoft has recently debuted the Fix it Center, a software/online service combo that is set to help Windows users quickly identify and resolve various operating system issues.
    Mainly targeting newbie Windows XP and Vista users, the Fix it Center, which is available in beta form, can be paired up with Windows 7 and Windows Server installs too.
    To take advantage of this free bug-fixing solution just visit this page and download the small client built by Microsoft. Running the PC software will automatically start a scan of your system to diagnose and repair problems. Once the scan is done you can choose what to repair and what to report, a log of every action done being kept for potential analysis at a later date.
    With the Fix it Center Microsoft is hoping to make troubleshooting much easier and keep Windows installs safer and up-to-date. For more info about the service see its official homepage .

    Ref: Microsoft serves up 'Fix it' tool for resolving Windows issues | TechConnect Magazine

    The beta for 7 is now full but if your running either xp or vista then you still have time to take part..

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