Windows 7 Microsoft Office Pro 2007 - Reconfiguration on every launch.


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Microsoft Office Pro 2007 - Reconfiguration on every launch.

Using MS Office Pro 2007 on Window 7 x32. When I launch either Word or Excel, a configuration pages comes up that takes several minutes to resolve. After the re-configuration runs, the component, Word or Excel then launches and works okay. However, this process occurs EVERY time I launch either Word or Excel. The configuration process does not occur when I launch Outlook or Publisher - just when Word or Excel is launched and every time it's launched.

I have twice done a "repair installation" to no avail.

I have learned that I can "X" out of the configuration process as it starts up and the component will then launch and work okay.

Please advise how I might repair this bothersome problem.




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I finally got tired of X-ing out of the configuration startup process, so, using Control Panel>Remove Programs, I deleted and reinstalled MS Office. Now, all is well. Both Word and Excel start promptly without attempting to reconfigure.

Thanks for the posting back on how you fixed your issue. For what ever reason MS Office does sometimes get buggered up and a complete uninstall and re-install is necessary. I beleive we've all ran into the problem at one time or another.

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