1. Nickyy

    Need to open the document

    I've google a bit about this can't seem to find a straight answer. Since I have updated Windows 10 on ASUS laptop, any newly MS Word document will download but not open. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  2. A

    File not saved - reasons/recovery

    Hi, yesterday I was working on a document. Today I realized I lost a TON of changes, roughly 5 hours of work. My last save should be either from 20:00h or from 23:00h (didn't work there, PC was just running). My actual last save, according to windows and dropbox, is from 14:00h. I have...
  3. S

    Problems with Clip Art not showing pictures

    Hi I would be so grateful for help on this - Clip Art is connecting to Bing but won't show any pictures at all. I just get red crosses. I have added the clip art site to AVG but really can't think what to do next. Can you help? Thanks
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