Windows 10 performace issue


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I'm experiencing performace issues with Windows 10. For example, I can't easily move shortcuts on the desktop. When I click on a shortcut it opens the shortcut before I can drag it to a new position. In Word, I can't select sentences or phrases. It doesn't get the whole sentence when I try to select it. Cut and paste not working accurately. In my data base program (FileMaker) I can't drag objects. When I click on an object a dialog box opens before I can drag the object (it normally takes a double click to open a dialog box). There are many other similar performance issues. I've used system restore to open a restore point before the problems began but this did not work. I decided to unstall the windows update KB4556779 to see if this would solve the problem. View update history shows it was installed on May 13, 2020. However it does not appear in the Uninstall an Update List! Any suggestions?


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It could be due to a number of things.
  • Operating system corruption
  • Malware
  • Dirty heat sink/fans
  • Failing hard drive


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Since you are having trouble with single click, i would first try with checking the mouse/touchpad settings to begin With.. Then if possible try another mouse ( if you use a mouse and not a touchpad..)