Microsoft rebukes employee who claims Windows 7 was inspired by OS X

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    Microsoft rebukes employee who claims Windows 7 was inspired by OS X

    No matter how you look at it, the release of Windows 7 has gone off without a hitch compared to the headaches that accompanied the launch of Windows Vista. Not only that, but reviews of Microsoft's new OS seem to be universally positive, with both critics and consumers liking what they see. Windows 7 is Microsoft's most eye catching OS to date, and the similarities to OS X are undoubtedly there. Still, one doesn't usually expect a Microsoft executive to say that OS X was the inspiration for Windows, but that's exactly what happened yesterday when Simon Aldous said the following in an interview with PCR.

    When asked about Windows 7, Aldous responded in part:
    One of the things that people say an awful lot about the Apple Mac is that the OS is fantastic, that it’s very graphical and easy to use. What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7 – whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format – is create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics. We’ve significantly improved the graphical user interface, but it’s built on that very stable core Vista technology, which is far more stable than the current Mac platform, for instance.

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