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Windows 8 Microsoft Windows on Android Phones


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Jul 22, 2005

It's here! Well, sort of. Any version of Microsoft Windows can theoretically be accessed from your Android cell phone using the free TeamViewer for Control App. Using virtualization, you could go so far as to access Windows 95 on your cell phone. Find out why Windows just doesn't seem to play nice with these newer devices.

Check out my late night video demonstration on the subject. I am a 7x certified IT professional with an old (but relevant!) CompTIA A+ designation in Remote Support.

A couple minutes in this environment doesn't make it difficult to see why Microsoft is shying away from the desktop and moving entirely to the Start Screen. As the consumer use of smart phones and pads heats up and reaches all time highs, is Microsoft Windows 8 being solely released to tap into this market?

Here are some thoughts:

  • Notice how big my hands are, compared to the "desktop".
  • It seems impossible to use this OS on handhelds.
  • EMS and other services have been using touch screens under Windows XP and Windows 7 with Quadro cards for a long time.
  • These touch-enabled systems used proprietary software applications with large dialogue buttons.
  • This software seems great if I need to find something urgently, but I wouldn't use it regularly. Would you?
  • I'll have to give it a go on Windows 8 CP, but I have a feeling that compatibility will be minimal. Does anyone want try?

I continue my discussion, observation, and muse as I delve into the far reaches of Windows 7 on Android using the free TeamViewer app… join me in this discussion, as I marvel at the advancements taking place in the form of the re-consolidation of centralized networking (cloud computing) and its effect on miniaturized consumer computing devices like smart phones and pads.

"Hi, this is Mike from Windows7Forums.com and Windows8Forums.com. You’re viewing a Samsung Droid Charge on the Verizon network. And you’re using Microsoft Windows 7 from within that Droid Charge. This is a technological achievement that is unbelievable in its magnitude, in the fact that you are actually able to use the Windows desktop from within a cellphone using an ARM processor. It is a completely different architecture than what we would normally associate Microsoft Windows with. Not only that, but what we’re looking at is the continued miniaturization of all technology. I’m going through the Start Menu now to demonstrate how this works. The way I’m doing this is through TeamViewer for Remote Control. This is a application on the Google Play market. You can download this on your phone and install TeamViewer on your desktop. As long as you perform these tasks, and maintain access on your phone to a wireless data plan or access point, you can access the Windows desktop.

You can see that this is a difficult environment to navigate around in; everything is extraordinarily small. The Droid Charge itself is about the size of a large candy bar. The built-in WYSIWYG keyboard is definitely not easy to use and not designed to work with Windows technology exclusively. It is important to emphasize that I am not running Windows technology on my Android phone. I am remoting into a Windows desktop through the TeamViewer software using my Internet connection. You can see I am struggling around using the mouse mode, etc, and it does beg the question as to how easy it would be to use this on a phone using Windows 8.

This software is definitely going to change the game. What I would like to see is the TeamViewer software able to run on the phone, and allow you to use the phone from the desktop: now that would be interesting.

But getting back to this issue, is that Windows is a system has a desktop graphical user interface that was never designed for miniaturized devices. When looking at something like this, I am continually amazed at the advancement of technology.
This application is free, but the application for running it on your desktop is not free for non-commercial use. You can see it running on the system tray. You can use advanced features to remote control your system and access it 24 hours a day.

This application will work on any Android device, including tablets. If you have a large tablet device, the management of the Windows desktop should not be so difficult. But you can see how large my fingers are relative to the device and it begs the question of whether or not Microsoft is developing Windows 8 for something like this."

What do you think?
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This is a demonstration of Teamviewer on Android.