Mini Clothes Heat Dryer?

I've searched for this everywhere on Google. I've only managed to stumble upon two products that were mini spin dryers only (produced no heat :() but I have a washer that pretty much leaves the clothes slightly damp at the end (this is all the mini spin dryers that I found could do) so what's the point of the spin dryer in this case?

I'm looking for a portable dryer, one that I can actually pick up and lug around, that produces some heat. I'm not looking to hang clothes because I wash a big load and includes socks and underwear.

Would anyone by chance know a portable dryer that dries with heat and doesn't just spin-drain water out clothes? Those things are more like drainers than dryers.

Thanks for the help. :worry:


Dude...that was the very same one that I've finally decided an hour ago that I was going to buy. :eek:

I'm choosing Amazon since it's my #1 favorite seller. It's "temporarily out of stock" though but let's just hope they didn't get that wrong and that they will restock on these things. In most retail sites they're saying they're out of stock completely, and looking at what Haier has as far as new portable dryers they seem to be pretty darn the 500's as opposed to 250-300 like the one you linked to, and I never have large loads so the 500 dollar portable one (which is bigger than the one out of stock) is pointless.

Thanks for the help and wish me luck.:bighug:


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Great minds think alike eh! Good luck!

Well I may not need on what the owner of the family dryer decides as far as what I do with the dryer. One of my siblings doesn't like that I put scotch tape over a rusty area to prevent my clothes from touching it (try wiping a wet white towel on a rusty area...ugh...) now of course, he won't understand and doesn't believe what I'm saying is correct (or will be in denial), even though I know from first-hand experience, though I told him I'll stop doing it and as long as he forgets about the issue / doesn't suspect me doing it, the owner won't even need to be consulted.

If a problem arises and I'm able to convince the owner (parent) then I may save myself $344 dollars...wish me luck again lol. :)

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