Windows 7 Missing data?


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Jan 17, 2009
Okies so I burn't the windows 7 on three difrent disks thinking maybe the disk brand just sucks but on three difrent ones all got the same thing got a bubly little load screen with the windows logo, thought that was snazy but then it said loading windows, and then after that it went to a blue screen with well it looked like a light had been cast down and in the bottom it said windows7 for beta use or soemthing like that and then there was a revolving circle where my mouse was suposed to be and then did nothing. am I missing something I should push cause I clicked everywhere or shall I try redownloading and burning. I have an AMD quad core with 4 gigs of ram so I know it's not just laging it loaded to that point really fast.I've tryed several difrent drives to put the disk in, and for some reason my bios only reconizes my dvd rw no clue why. but since all my parts are new I'm still exploring them too.

soo any thoughts???:confused:

okies found an older post about the same thing I'm talking about and this person just left it for a bit I think I'm to impaitiant aswell hehe heres the link for anyone else with the problem.
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