Windows 10 Kingston SSD sometimes isn't recognized by Windows or BIOS

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I got my computer like 2 weeks ago, it's good but there's one problem. For a boot SSD I chose the Kingston NV1 since it's cheap, it's M.2, and it's 500gb, however it's not doing much booting right now because every time I try set it as boot priority it just loads back to my temporary windows installation on my Hard drive, I've converted the disk to GBR and tried installing fresh, the issue here is it simply unrecognizes itself off windows and off BIOS. I have the drivers for it, but I'm not sure if I'm missing anything
If it's not recognized you most likely have a mismatch in the configured boot method (legacy vs uefi) in the firmware, the disk boot partition which will have a different partition type between legacy and uefi and the boot manager and loader.

Secure boot can also cause some issues such as the disk driver isn't signed and driver signing is enforced. Secure boot won't load the driver and the drive is not bootable.