Missing Documents and settings folder

Hello...I got home to find my PC 's doc's and settings as a shortcut. also I find locks on recycle bin , MSO cache and in users folder all users, default user and Server (my computer name ***not a server or running server OS** running win 7 ultimate)system runns:) but,:confused: but missing all sorts of stuff???? any help would be Great:eek:


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The Documents and Settings folder has been changed in Windows 7 to C:\users\yourusername\My Documents

There is a lock on my Documents and Settings folder as well.

If this doest help, try a restore point to go back to before the problems occurred.

Im at work and I see the lock and can open the folder anyway but the home won't open . restore point was not set I just loaded win 7 last week DUH!!!??? I think my 7 year old moved or deleted the folder as he was looking at a movie prior:(...Things work ok now I guess I would need to reload win & cd and repair if that is an option ????

That's win7 CD:confused::confused:

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