Windows 10 Missing "Reserved System" partition


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I wonder if anyone can help, please?

[ Running Win 10 Pro [ 21H1 ] 64 bit + 8Gb RAM ]

I am having persistent problems installing update “2022-08 Security Update for Windows 10 Version 21H1 for x64-based Systems (KB5012170)” It keeps showing Error Code 0x800f0922.

Looking at potential solutions I discovered one issue may be that the ‘System Reserved’ partition may be below 500Mb.

The problem is – I do not have a System Reserved partition, the only partitions are;

OEM partition [39Mb]
Recovery Partition [11.73 Gb] plus
the standard operational Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, etc Primary partition.

Should there be a System Reserved partition and how does one create it?

Also do I still need the OEM and Recovery partitions because it is some time since this machine first shipped with Win 7 Pro and I suspect no recovery info will be of any value whatsoever – or does it get updated when one upgrades to a newer system?

Any guidance will be gratefully received!
There should be a boot (system partition), either a smaller FAT32 for (100-500mb) GPT/EFI booting systems or a system reservered (500mb~) boot parition for legacy bios/MBR partitioned disks
Thanks very much for responding.

Unfortunately, all I have are the partitions mentioned. I attach a screenshot taken from Macrium Reflect.
Partitions - boot drive.jpg
Do you have another disk on the system. If so Windows may have installed it elsewhere. Are you on the system in question?
I just have a plain 500Gb secondary drive which is one NTFS partition and some permanently attached USB drives for backup. There are no other partitions other than plain data. I suspect this unorthodox arrangement on C: is some legacy from Dell who supplied the PC originally.

Yes, this is the system in use. My concern is trying to rid myself of the endless reminders to install an MS patch which will never complete!
The reason for that is Windows 10, version 21H1 will reach the end of service (EOS) on December 13, 2022. So Windows 10 21H1 will no longer receive security updates I suggest you should update Windows 10 sooner than later.
Brilliant! Thank you very much. You have reminded me that about 100 years ago, I blocked Windows updates past 21H1 because there were issues at that time and my ever-diminishing brain failed to recall this.

However, I have forced updates past that point and am now looking at 22H2 fully installed.