Missing Spybot Pro in Win 10


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May 8, 2009
I am told that Microsoft has removed Spybot from computers. Mine has stopped working, the exe. file is missing..

Is this true? and how can I get it back. I had the Pro edition which I paid for.
Hi there,

Hadn't heard anything about this. However, Microsoft DOES remove apps from W10 upgrades if there are known compatibility problems. The only app that gets removed for sure WITHOUT asking you to be removed is WINDOWS LIVE MAIL. I've been a W10 Insider tester for 15 months, and haven't seen any programs automatically removed except this one.

Next question for you: Did the computer that had Spybot removed from it, come pre-installed with W10 from the Factory? Or did you upgrade it from an earlier Windows version? Such as Win7/8/8.1/8.1.1? What Make/Model is the computer in question? If you ran a W10 upgrade scenario, have you attempted a W10 Clean Install? Does the Spybot still get automatically uninstalled? Have you tested on a different Hard Drive? Some things to consider.

I haven't used Spybot for years, as they used to be a decent product, 10 years ago or more. Ever since they started including Spyware into their products and selling Customer info to tech marketers, I stopped using it. Spybot shows up on most of the top-10 AV products such as Norton, Avast, McAfee, Panda, & F-Prot as PUP category (Potentially Unwanted Program); and Malwarebytes, the #1 Spyware on-demand scanner in the industry also shows Spybot as PUPs. Not sure, but I think Spybot got sold from the original programmer who wrote it, and the ads and pops it comes with are horrific. Too bad, as it was a decent product as I said. :rolleyes:

You might try posting this on the Microsoft Community General Forum, or if you are a W10 Insider Tester as I am, you could post that to the W10 Insider Forum. You may get a response or two back.

My suggestion is to lose the Spybot Pro and leave it uninstalled, it's certainly not going to protect your computer any better than Windows Defender, and that does a mediocre job at best. I'd ask them for a refund. If they refuse, I'd just chalk it up to a bad experience, and I'd move on to a quality product such as Malwarebytes Pro, which can run in BOTH modes, on-demand scanner works like Spybot, or as a Background task scanner, which is what Spybot Pro claims to do (they just don't do it very well); which is only $20 a year; and they don't load down your computer with spyware viruses and popup advertising.;)

FYI, not a Fortune500 company west of the Mississippi is any longer using any of the Spybot products; you have to ask yourself, why not?o_O

Best of luck,
Fyi i run spybot on my Asus 500c laptop... W8 / WX dual boot without issue.

p.s. most Fortune500 have muppet staff... just saying. o_O
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