Win 10 Photos app no longer works when iPhone 7 connected to desktop.


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It's fine on my iPhone 7 and fine on the desktop, but when viewing photos on the phone from the computer the photos are out of focus for 10-12 seconds. If I use the Next or Previous arrows I get a white screen, "Sorry, Photos can't open this file because the format is currently unsupported or the file is corrupted." Sometimes when I click the next photo, get same error.

When I copy the photos to my desktop, all is well, in focus, Next & Previous work.

When I remove the phone from the USB connection, multiple error message windows open: "The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected." Sometimes up to 32 yellow triangles with the error message, more often only 8!

This started happening about two weeks ago. I downloaded latest software version for my iPhone and iTunes. That didn't help.

Apple Support cannot help me as they are trained only for Apple devices. My desktop is a Dell 8910.

Viewing photos now takes much longer as I wait for focus. All I can do is copy them all to computer and view them in a normally functioning Photos App.

What happened? Thanks.