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    Mar 30, 2010
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    Hi all,
    My dell laptop came with the Fn keys mapped to multimedia keys (like play/pause, screen brightness, wireless switch, etc). I want some of these to keep their original meaning, and some of them to be mapped to the normal F1-12 keys. So I went into the bios, changed the fn key behavior to function key first (instead of multimedia key first). At this point all my keys were F1-12, and hitting Fn-F1-12 gave multimedia.
    Then I downloaded key mapper (Key Mapper) and used boot mode (since user mode apparently no longer exists) to switch certain keys back to multimedia keys. So I have F1-6 normal, and F7-12=playpause. Hitting Fn-F1-6 provides wireless,projector, etc, but for Fn-F7-12 still acts as playpause. I can't have both?

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