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this vista view sucks

Okay, I am embarrassed to say that I spent some good money on Vista, a beta release still, to this day.

If it is not one issue, it is another, but the major nag this operating system has induced on me is the horrendously inconsistent network connections.

For weeks, I had to constantly repair my connection just to log on to the net. Then a new driver came out (months later) and the problems seemed to go away. I mean, really an OS's least priority should be internet connectivity in this day and age, right?

Then this past week. Wham. Back to square one. Can't connect again. I re-installed the drives. Flushed my dns. Winsock reset. Pretty much a full and valiant effort to resolve this.

Microsoft should be thoroughly ashamed of itself to release this beta software to the public.



I should ad, the downtime in trying to resolve the ever present issues in Vista has been staggering. I am just a student, so costly is in the eye of the beholder, but I suggest corporations wait for Microslop to fix this heap before installing it. Because it has issues. Not the least of which are the recurring BSOD and tri-weekly crashes. That's after me repairing my internet connection, of course.


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I must wonder what you did wrong in the initial installation. I have had no BSOD's since the early Beta days. The system is very stable, all drivers avialable (On my computer for 64 and 32 bit)
The Network connection was set up automatically during the install phase and I have had no reason to examine it since.

I have never had network issues and only have other issues when I create them myself, like OC'ing too far and such. :D


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I am a user rather than abuser and I have to say I have had more unexplained failures of most everything in the last three months of Vista than in years of XP. I simply don't trust it any more.
If I wasn't so fed up of having to keep on fixing things I'd wipe it and go back to XP. - But I have a headache!

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