Mock up image of possible Vienna Pie menus


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I found this when looking in google for Windows Vienna:

It seems interesting. I can't wait to get some official photos from Microsoft, and see if it will look this way.

the link doesnt link now


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hmm yeah, seems like they took it down. I'll look to see if I can find it somewhere else soon...

The link on that site is gone!

Maybe we can search it from search engines, right?


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I found this one:

Here is the link to the original one:

i remember seeing that afew months back!!! the original one, i mean...


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Yes, it's been out for a few months. The only thing about it is that they made it so small that you can't really read anything. That is why I like the second one more. :)

on the vienna pie menus thing, if you change the last part( vienna3.jpg)to vienna 1.jpg or vienna2.jpg you can view other mockup images!! yay!!!


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I sure think that the pie menues are cool. :) I wonder how long till a Windows Seven transformation pack. :p

but wouldnt it be hard to make a seven transformation pack if it hasnt been released yet? oh well, they could use their own concepts!!!:)

Hmm...Seven transformation pack? looks interesting.
But it could be very hard for Windows X, even they use their concepts, the whole GUI of Vienna looks farther from the previous version of Windows. I think Windows X will work for it if the Microsoft show the real appearance and GUI of Vienna, I think it could be the next project of Windows X.
booyahcomputers has a point on it, well we will wait for it.

BTW I think the better name for seven transformation pack is "Vienna Transfromation Pack" hehe... :D


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I meant that they would use the concept pictures, bc.

Well, I think some of the things could be implemented, like pie menus. There already is a plugin for firefox that allows it to have pie menues.

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