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Good Afternoon: I am suddenly faced with modern UI apps that, when clicked, start for a few seconds then disappear. At the same time, I am unable to view notifications or the calendar from the clock in the task bar. When I click on them, I see the blue circle blink on then disappear, but nothing happens, no notification screen or clock settings.

I have checked group policy and registry and no problems there. I have the same setup on 2 computers, and one works without problems and both have the latest updates from Microsoft.

I should also mention that the Edge browser is the same, pops up for brief second then disappears.

Everything was working yesterday and I have made no changes to settings or devices.

Please advise.

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I noticed this for IE on a computer at work I have Windows 10 on. I watched the processes with procexp and saw WER fire off too and then both processes die. I would do the same. WER is the Window Error Reporting tool which should write to the Application event log and may give you some ideas on what is crashing. I ended up running the good old sfc /scannow to fix IE.

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