MS mouse ignores "don't wake" command


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I realize that the MS Wireless Mouse is not Windows hardware but I don't know where else to ask.

The MS wireless mouse 5000s used in both my Win 7 and Win 8.1 systems ignore their power management setting that is supposed to prevent mouse movement from waking the systems from "sleep". The Logitech M310 wireless and every wired mouse I own obeys the command. Only the 5000 ignores it. The keyboard is a wired MS 600 so the mouse is the only device on its receiver.

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the behavior but found the fix.

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Not exactly certain of what Power Management setting that you are referring to, because I control whether either the mouse or keyboard can turn on the system via BIOS settings, rather than Windows Power settings. It probably varies depending on the motherboard, but in mine a PS/2 mouse or keyboard is enabled/disabled in the ACPI settings, and a USB mouse or keyboard in the USB settings.


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The settings I refer to are found through either the control panel/device manager >> mouse. Specifically, mouse properties >> hardware >> properties >> general >> change settings >> power management >> uncheck "allow device to wake computer". I have also considered having Win 7 turn off the mouses's USB port to save energy when it enters sleep but that USB port does not have a power management tab that would allow that.

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