MS Visual C++2010 x64/x86 problems?


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While trying to install the latest (11.5) CCC driver update from AMD, the install failed for the MS Visual C++2010 Redis. When I asked them for advice, they sent a whole list of things I would have to do, and most are too daunting for me to attempt, such as "updating BIOS (Heck, the MSI website seems to want to make people deeply afraid of even thinking about this.) and "reinstalling your OS". Wow!

Before I send in for a disc (I just bought this rig a month ago, and the sleep function is non-functional right now, so I am going to reinstall the OS to fix this, but I wasn't in a hurry.) I wonder if I can try and uninstall/reinstall the Visual C++2010 program. What does it do, and do I have to uninstall/reinstall both iterations of this, as I have the x64 and x86 versions installed now?

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