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Well i have been searching about & tried different things such as dexpot n desktops.exe from ms but they dont do what i need. Basically im looking for something that will run when windows runs & i can set the number of desktops i want but each desktop i can have different icons, shortcuts & folders on. All i have been finding is ones that clone my main desktop with all its icons/folders on the desktop so if i move a shortcut/folder it moves on all other desktops.

I have a lot of files n folders on my desktop which i don't want to hide within folders as ill end up forgetting where they are, but i don't have room for them all & with folders/shortcuts are for different things i want to organize them per desktop so i can easily switch & do my stuff.

I have tried Object Desktop & RocketDock but Object Desktop often stopped responding as in files when i click them not being responsive & would only load the shortcuts/links if i quit & reloaded the software. RocketDock is fantastic but doesn't have the ability to make sub categories or folders or tabs to organize things, there all in 1 bar together & i can't seem to find anything that will do the job i want that can organize my files/shortcuts & web url shortcuts without cluttering up my deskop.

Any Advice or directions to where i should be looking?


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You can try Mdesktop. This maybe what your looking for



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Another options is VirtuaWin.



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I have a lot of files n folders on my desktop which i don't want to hide within folders as ill end up forgetting where they are
This is a bad habit to put all that stuff on the desktop. Use the toolbar. There you can stick in 1000 shortcuts and organize them by subject. And they are accessible from anywhere - no need to go back to the desktop. See my tutorial: Toolbars - How to Use in Windows 7 and Vista - Windows 7 Forums


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Well im suffering with Object Desktop atm which at least lets me store program shortcuts but does not allow me to categorize them & have them displayed on request what i want. There is 1 sexy program i do like to use which is winshortcuts which is a basic but reliable bit of free software, however it fails in the ability to handle web shortcuts & ability to add new tabs to organize things more.

So whats this splinter?


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Actually, there is NEVER a need to use the taskbar, ever. It isn't native to the desktop, it is an external entity, on a totally different z-order level. ICKY bad bad stuff. Not really a fair fight, though, as you didn't know aboot Splinterifical. Prior to Splinter, I would say that you were right on.

But, I call your 1000 shortcuts and raise you, effectively, infinity. As each "look" is something that can store a file, Not just the 700+ splicons, themselves, but any combination of splicons and triggers can open any combination of files. Therefore, this trumps any would be claimants of desktop dominance.

So what is your point. Why would I install some program which may or may not work if I have a native function in Win7 that does the same.

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