Windows 8 Multi Monitor Problems


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Nov 9, 2012

ATi 6870 --DVI out to main monitor
HDMI out to AV receiver then HDTV

Ok my main monitor is set to main display but is being identify as 2 by windows 8 when up and running.

If my AV amp and hdtv off then turn on my pc on my main monitor the screen is blank (no signal) ill have to turn the amp on to get he screen to work. sometimes if i turn it off the display turns off and sometimes it dont.

if the main display working ,amp on hdtv displaying extended display everything fine then i change input on av amp my main display goes blank. it annoying if i wanna watch normal tv on my hdtv but have the sound through my av amp and have my pc on. only solution is plugging the hdmi lead out the 6870
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no one know why my main display something that is set as a main display is going blank if my amp or tv is off which is setup as a secondary display is f ing dumb, turn your pc on and your main monitor not even displaying a primary screen just blank
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