multi-monitors and HDMI output selection?


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I have a laptop with a second (USB) monitor that I am using for a video production. I take the HDMI output and it goes into a mixer for recording.

The issue is that the display output sent to HDMI is not what I want.

The W10 machine maps the displays like this:

[2] - [1]
[1] = laptop, [2] = external USB monitor

with contiguous cursor movement between them, which is just what I want.

But when I connect the HDMI output, it then looks like this;

[2] - [1] - [[3]]
[3] = HDMI output

again with contiguous cursor movement between them, but the issue is that I cannot see locally what is being sent to the HDMI recording.

I want to be able to send the [2] second local display to HDMI, so I can see what it being shown, and work on it interactively..

The "Display" option is setup for "extend display", which makes sense that it would act this way. Trying any other option of the Display setup (that I tried) won't give the desired result.

Basically it seems like the Display options won't show just my [2] local monitor output.

W10, ver. 1903


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You might want to get (or have to) get a HDMI port mirror then you could send one mirror to the mixer and one to a monitor and see the output.