Windows 10 Must read article for gamers!!!


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Frightening.. Let's hope they improve things in the future.


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I don't see it changing. At least not anytime soon.


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I do wish MS was a little more 'gamercentric'. They try to make out that they are but the reality belies the hype. I mean no support for SLI? I don't use this configuration myself but as you well know many gamers do.. Let's hope they 'get it' sooner as apposed to later.


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Microsoft's idea of gaming is Xbox One or what ever they're gonna call the next Xbox.It's not gonna change.
I point to something non-gaming in Windows 10.
The Movies & TV app that they replaced Windows Media Center has no support in it for tv tuners.
You can't watch or record tv with your tv tner with it.

Microsoft has also proven to me that it really isn't listening to it's customer feedback.
The new Photos app in Windows 10 has sucked big time since the 1st Windows 10 Preview. It still sucks today in the release version of Windows 10.
The app stinks badly at organizing your photos. You'll have areas that say for instance: 1/1/2016, then 1/1/2016-1/3/2016.
Stupid and they haven't addressed this in over a year now.
They've had numerous complaints from numerous people on both issue, too.
Yet, the issues still exist.


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I'm glad I bought the game on Steam, even though I wasn't aware of any of this at the time.

If anyone is interested I've discovered that the Windows screen capture doesn't work if the game is set to use Exclusive Fullscreen mode.
You just get a black image.

It works fine if it's just set to Fullscreen mode.

Unfortunately, the game won't let me set the resolution above 1920 by 1080 unless it is in Exclusive Fullscreen mode, to I can't make really high resolution screen captures in the game.

I've tried various settings but these two things just don't seem to work together.

I'm going to try Fraps and see it that will work.


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