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Nick Warnock, President of Wellograph, discusses their app they built for Windows Phone. Download the app and get the “Wellness Watch” from Wellograph today!

Blending fashion and wellness seamlessly the Wellograph was described by one up and coming Hollywood starlet as the sexiest piece of wellness jewelry she’s seen available on the market to date. Disguised by its beautiful sapphire crystal display, which is stronger than steel and only scratchable by diamonds, this piece of wellness jewelry boasts an activity tracker, heart rate monitor and pedometer. Gone are the days of wearing an aesthetically challenged activity tracker PLUS your finest watch to meet that special someone or impress that certain client. Wellograph satisfies your need to see just how active you’ve been that day without wearing multiple items on your wrist. It’s gorgeous jewelry…with a purpose. The app synchs easily so you can see all of the important information pertaining to your daily activity on a bright, vibrant and colorful Windows Phone app. The information can be seen on the watch but looks even better with the easy to read info graphics on your Windows Phone.


  • Allow the app to change settings on the watch
  • App is used to download new firmware for Wellograph
  • Tracking how many steps and calories you have burned throughout the day, week and month.
  • Active time vs Idle time
  • Heart Rate Mode - See your cardio score.
  • See a summary of physical activity you did in a day (light, moderate and vigorous).
  • See a trend of your resting heart rate and get an understanding of how your fitness has improved or changed over time.
  • Get an estimate of your true fitness age.
  • Sessions - Logs of your running or workout sessions showing stats such as duration, distance, pace, and the cardio minutes.
  • Prevent mobile screen timeout from interrupting Wellograph firmware update and sync operation.

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