My computer is being shut down at random

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by lostsoul65, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I installed Windows 8 and another monitor on my GeForce GT 240 video card. I have one monitor on a DVI and another monitor on VGA. Every couple of minutes the computer shuts down. It can be anywhere from one minute to one hour or maybe not at all. My power setting or set to NEVER on both monitor and Sleep. I'm wondering if it can be my Video card that is shutting down my computer. I know Video cards, and RAM or the 2 bad guys that can stop a computer cold. Or could it be something in Windows 8. Any suggestions?
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    Lost there is a beta Nvidia driver on the Nvidia site. You should give it a try. I have it on seems to work well.

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    If you have been using the computer successfully, with an earlier OS, it is unlikely to be a hardware fault. There are two culprits in the devices, which might be causing it. Open the Device manager and navigate , first to the Network adapters. Right click and select your adapter from a list, should there be one. Right click it and the select properties and the Power management tab. In the window, untick the item "Allow this device to turn off the computer to save power". As you are using a second monitor, possibly this is on a USB outlet? Scroll further down to the "Human interface Devices" and carry out the same procedure.

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