My PC does 3 beeps sometimes when I start in on!


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Dec 11, 2021
My PC does 3 beeps with no pause when I turn it on. Then it restarts by its own and opens with no problem. But what does this 3 beep with no pause mean?
the system start up after giving these beeps [Bios reset issue] ... when it reset to off \ 3 more beeps without starting up [Ram]

in effect your system tries to load the first bios settings which fail so it then auto goes to the backup system which [for now] works
Each motherboard manufacturer has its own beeps that signal problems. Read this information on the manufacturer's website.
After 3 beeps with no pause restarting your PC on its own and opening with no problem, it means your PC BIOS was restored. From when you have faced this problem? If it happened after installing new memory, then remove it and reset the memory.
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