My screen flashes dark red on boot up & when i click screensaver off?

Right ive got a small problem with windows 7 ive just put on my system, i'm certain it's my ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT graphic's card what's causeing it, this is what it's doing:
Everytime i start my pc up, just before the desktop comes on, my screen flashes dark red, then the desktop comes on,

it does this when i click the screen saver off as well, ( like for instance, i left my pc switched on, but i return 20 min's later, i then move the mouse so the screensaver goes off then my screen flashes red),

it didnt do this when i had xp pro,
ive got all the latest graphic driver's installed, but it's still doing it, ive got no idea what's doing this, i wish this red flash would go away, do any of you know what's causeing it? any help will be much appretiated, cheer's.........Dean.

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