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Hi :)

In my profile - signature I cant get my Sig to load ? and it is within the forum limits, its 132kb and 650 x 150 pixels tried a few times now but its not working any advice please ?

This is it made by me in CS5


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This problem is being evaluated. It is likely the result of the testing and implementation of our new editor system. I will also be re-evaluating the signature settings to determine what the cause of the problem may be. Since it is Memorial Day Weekend in the United States, an answer may not be available right away. However, we will work towards figuring it out. You may want to try altering the image to either a .JPG or .GIF in the interim, or change the resolution and size. However, if neither options work, we will need to determine fully if this is an active bug and what the cause may be.

Thank you.