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When I ran TronScript (r/tronscript) with the auto restart option, an error message appeared saying Windows could not start. When I load Hiren's Boot CD into my Ventoy drive, I receive error code 0x0000001.
The contents of my Ventoy drive are as follows:
In addition to the boot CD that comes with Hiren,
This is a HP computer.
Windows 11 installation media
Please fix my computer as soon as possible if you can.
Well I would assume whatever tron script is broke the system. Don't know what that script does so hard to troubleshoot. I would say just back up your data and re-install Windows.
Also does not help creating more accounts on the forum and asking the same question.
A message to churchillsonm95. In the link that I posted above, under "Use", there is a very strong warning.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: REBOOT THE COMPUTER BEFORE RUNNING TRON. This is to allow any pending updates to finish. If you don't do this and the computer reboots during Tron with pending updates, It Can Brick The System. To re-iterate: it is very important to reboot the computer before running Tron.
yes [Tron] its a deepscan malware remover and that error code means the OP system has stopped the port i.e, [Ventoy] is basically a fake drive tool and i'd assume he tried to work on the system while also running the script in the background so his system turned off parts it didn't need

i have not idea what 'Hiren' is

a few points;
1, Ventoy is open and assuming you want to keep using it i strongly recommend updating to the current build before moving onto Windows 11... there are lots of driver issues that have already been patched so checking for [Ventoy] updates really is your best options but its not exactly idiot-proof software

2, don't use Tron on any kind of port unless you have scaned the main system first and never run it in the background... a deepscan is something you disable internet at the plug and let your system run overnight
I downloaded Tron so I could look through it and see how in-depth it is... This is not for the average user... There is no GUI "Graphical User Interface" If you have NO Knowledge of .bat file coding I recommend that anyone other than advanced users who know how should interact with Tron. That being said... I think I'll try Tron on my system With the appropriate precautions. "Imaging system now" Yes I can use the system while it's being imaged. I am a bit of a rogue but my recommendations stand if you have no experience and or knowledge in system recovery. I love to experiment. Just to see what happens. If things go awry it'll take me less than ten minutes to get things back as they were. EaseUS Todo Backup. Love it. Done it a lot. Welcome to my world. I'll Let you know how it goes!
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