Need a software to capture screen on Windows 8


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I'm going to make some toturial videos but I couldn't find a good tool to capture my screen with high light cursor and unlimited recording time. Pls help? thanks


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I use WMCapture since years and made hundreds of tutorials with it.

For short tutorials (up to 10 minutes), you can also use the Expression Recorder 4. That produces top quality. The pro version without a time restriction is $199 though. For that recorder you need a lot of CPU muscle on your system because the encoder needs it. At least an i7 is recommended.

If the tutorials are independent of the OS, you could use Linux Mint Mate. That has a very good free recorder. I run it from a USB3 stick and here is an example of a recording. If that is an option, post back and I let you know how to go about it.

Taylor Wallis

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I think you should try "Tanida Demo Builder". But it's commercialware tool which will cost you a hundred and 49$. You can try its free demo version (15-day trial).



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I use the full version of Bandicam, full version costs $39 (one PC license).
Check the quality of my (edited) video's on YouTube, see my signature.
Play the video's in 1080p or YouTube will ruin my work !

Highlighting the cursor is an option.