Windows 7 Need For Speed:The Run...Give you Opinion??

This is upcoming game in Need For Speed Series ..give you opinion about this game


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judging by the videos it looks much the same as previous titles, ok so it has parkour elements too but I doubt that will really add to the experience that much, I'd say looking like a 70-80% rating for PC

yea also heard to much rumors from mine gamer friends that this is really going to the best in Need for speed series.......AMEN

It looks like a good game, and I like the things with you actually doing other things than driving in the storyline. But I've always felt there is an issue with NFS games - The driving just isn't very realistic, it feels clunky at times and nitros plays WAY too much of a role in my opinion. I would like to see them to have car physics like the ones in Forza 3.


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lol NFS is supposed to be an arcade racer, to expect anything more than a modern "Outrun" style game would be completely missing the point. If they ported a decent physics engine to the game it would be great but lets face it, EA have a **** rep when it comes to console ports and car games on the PC, most of the vintage NFS titles had far better driving experiences (see Porche challenge for instance) than the post "Underground" titles, "proStreet" tried to make the jump to the sim racers but failed massively in every regard to make any positive impression, it's taken EA until this year's "SHIFT2" to actually produce a half decent PC racing title in the last 6 years.

Sadly as with so many EA games, they just milk every series dry with inferior remakes with prettier graphics, doing just enough to keep the fanbase happy, rather than genre leading changes, seriously I'm really starting to hate every new NFS title as I see EA ****tards do as little as possible new with the IP, it's soul destroying. I wish Ea would stop treating PC owners with utter contempt releasing endless reems of unoriginal dross so-called next-gen console ports. A humble £300 PC these days destroys those horrid 6 year old piles of junk called the Xbox360/PS3, in terms of horsepower.

And yes, I'm really looking forward to being proved wrong by Battlefield 3, but they lied about Crysis 2's quality quite a bit (Multiplayer is an abomination compared to Crysis Wars) but I'm hoping someone can remedy that witht he modding tools and dump out all the COD-like multiplayer modes.

*rant over

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If it turns out anything like the Hot Pursuit reboot from last November, it will die fast.

Not that HP wasn't good, but it got old quick and support was really lacking.
+10 000 internets for Battlefield 3.

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