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Windows 8 NEED HELP, certain programs have no access to internet!


New Member
May 29, 2013
just bought windows 8 and im having problems already!

IE working
firefox working
skype working
chrome not working
online games not working
some other programs not working..

i already have firewall disabled but still these programs are not working

tried some solutions posted online but nothing helped.

i need to fix this asap help me please

I'd restart the firewall as having it disabled is not good practice. If your using Windows 8 with a local account then some functionality will be lost and it's always best to use a Microsoft account:


Some online games might not be compatible with windows 8 and you might need to check on this. The same with the programs, if you post which is giving you trouble then we might be able to help further.

I use Chrome and it runs absolutely fine maybe you need to re-install the browser again?

Lastly you can always reset Windows by clicking on the Settings wheel (cursor placed bottom right of screen), change pc settings and then from the list 'General'.
Hi NeedHelp:

Would you mind posting some specs on your Computer for us? Make/Model, CPU, RAM memory, Hard drive make/model/capacity used/free?

Are you running in wireless mode on a notebook or netbook or wired mode (ethernet cable) for example? This makes a big difference on how we analyze your problem. ;)

Also, you say you just bought Window8? Did you buy it with a new desktop computer or notebook pc? Or did you buy the software and upgrade an older computer such as Windows7 or Windows Vista? If so, did you remember to run the MICROSOFT UPRADE ASSISTANT? (also called the Microsoft Compatability Assistant in Win8). If you had hardware issues, or driver incompatibilities with your older hardware, it would tell you that and offer links to websites to help you download and correct those issues with new Windows8 tested driver files.

More information would help us to help you..but, it sounds like you may have skipped this Crucial Step in upgrading your Windows. If you bought the computer this way, and it hasn't worked since day one, that's another story and tell us that so we can properly advise.