Hey guys,

I need serious help… and as a token of my appreciation I will send $50 directly into the person’s paypal account that can help me with my problem

Just so you know upfront I am using Windows 8.1 Operating System

Here is my problem –in my “C: Drive” I have a folder called “PROJECTS”… which contains over 10,000 subfolders & 100,000 files (pretty much all my important work since 2005 is located in that folder)… I accidently copied&pasted an old backup from a few years ago of that same “PROJECTS” folder into that same folder on my c-drive… (now luckily I didn’t overwrite any existing files, pheww… but because the backup I copied&pasted into that folder was from a few years ago… the problem I am facing is that because I have moved a lot of folders & files around since then.. when I pasted the old backup it also pasted all the old files that were located in different folders/subfolders back then…. Now I have a lot of duplicate files located in different folders)

*Now I need to go through and delete all the old duplicate files that I accidently pasted – lucky for me I know the exact date & time of when the old files were pasted into that folder (Mon 22nd Sept 2014 @10:20pm)…. I used the “windows search function” and I located a number of duplicate files, which I definitely know are duplicate files & I want to go ahead & delete them… but all of the following fields “Date, Date-Modified, Date Last Saved, Date-Created” show older dates from years ago… the only field that I can seem to find which shows (Mon 22nd Sept 2014 @10:20pm) is “DATE-ACCESSED”

Is it safe to say that I can go ahead & delete every file that has “DATE-ACCESSED” listed as (Mon 22nd Sept 2014 @10:20pm)??
Or is their any easier/better way?

*Unfortunately I cant go to “File>Edit>Undo-Paste” because it was done a few days back… I wish I could just do that it would be so much easier

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – would appreciate any help. Thanks


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This is for free, Check out CCleaner.

Look under Tools, File Finder.

There is a utility that will search for duplicate files.
It compares file names, creation date, file size etc. to make sure they match.
You can select the parameters to search by.


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you can also try DuplicateFilesDeleter

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