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Apr 16, 2023
Hi guys

I have been using an HP i7 laptop since 2020. But lately, one of the function keys is not working on the laptop keyboard. But when I restart the computer sometimes the key is working and it doesn’t work again after some time. Also sometimes it works on its own. I tried to uninstall the keyboard from the inside and even tried to use an external keyboard to do my work but still it troubles me when I try to do my work. I also followed some directions which I found on the internet but the problem still occurs. Now I am considering removing that key physically from the laptop and using an external keyboard to do my work (Actually this was the opinion of one of my friends). But it hurts my mind to physically remove the key from this valuable laptop which helped me to get through my education. So I need to know that is there any other way to fix this issue without removing the key.
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Hello! I understand how frustrating it can be to have a key not working properly on your laptop keyboard. Before considering physically removing the key, there are a few things you can try to see if the issue can be resolved. Here are some suggestions:

1. Check for any software issues: Sometimes, the issue may be caused by a software problem. Try to update or reinstall the keyboard driver. You can also try performing a system restore to a point in time before the issue started.

2. Use Windows Troubleshooter: You can use Windows troubleshooter functionality to diagnose and potentially fix the problem. Follow these steps:
- Click on Start and type "Troubleshoot settings" then click on it.
- Choose Keyboard and then click on the "Run the Troubleshooter" button.
- Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting scan and recommended fixes.

3. Remove the keycap and clean the key switch: Sometimes, a key not working can be caused by dirt or debris that has accumulated in the key switch. You can try to remove the keycap and clean the key switch with compressed air or a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

4. Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard cable: It's possible that the keyboard cable may have become loose or disconnected, causing the issue. Try to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard cable to see if this resolves the problem.

If none of these suggestions work, you may need to seek assistance from a professional technician or contact HP support to explore further options before considering physically removing the key. I hope this helps!
if you plug in a usb keyboard does the same key issue happen... in what way does it still play up?
USB keyboard is a new one and it doesn't have that problem. But even when I use the USB keyboard that particular key on the laptop keyboard still functions sometimes. And I have to press some other key (on the laptop keyboard) to stop it. I tried to turn the laptop keyboard from the inside and only use the USB one but it didn't work.
option - replace the laptop keyboard [your self or at a shop]
option - replace the laptop

pick one
Its either a sticky key that got fluid on it and is now malfunctioning to act like its always on or something happened to the ribbon cable or the connector where it plugs in to the MB and its short to ground. Best advice, by a new replacement keyboard on ebay or google search it. there are so many cheap and affordable laptop keyboards around that it shouldn't be a problem finding one. To replace its usually just a flat head screw driver in-between the keyboard and the frame or at the least, 2 screws near the battery pack spot. Screws are almost always marked with a little keyboard icon. Hope you get it figured out!
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