Need help with finding and deleting program or file


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this chinese program or file got instaled on my computer and i cant find it or delet it sorry for foreign language
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If you didn't install the program, it's most likely a virus/malware. Did you scan for viruses using your installed AV?
You should do that and scan/remove any viruses found. In addition it's a good idea to download the free MALWAREBYTES antispyware program from and scan/remove all spyware viruses found. Power off your computer for 5 minutes. Reboot and retest your computer and see if it's gone. If it is, you had a simple spyware virus most likely and you're good to go. :up:

90% of the computers I see in my shop contain spyware viruses; so it's a pretty good bet that's what you have.



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  • Open regedit
  • Expand *
  • Expand shell
  • If you see those chinese entries in there delete them

If those funny entries only appear when you right click shortcuts the other place to look
  • Open regedit
  • Expand lnkfile
  • Expand shell (if it exists)
  • Any keys in here will show up as right click menu items on .lnk files only
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