need to find program directory in XP Mode

I installed XP mode in my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit laptop to be able to run my older programs. I successfully installed CompuServe (my mission critical software) in XP mode, but I need to find the program directory because that's where the data files for the filing cabinet are stored. I need to upload my latest data to that directory and to be able to back it up. Without a current filing cabinet, the program is useless.

I can't for the life of me figure out where the program files are. They're not obviously visible using Windows Explorer. Any idea how to find them and to be able to access them?


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Hi Birdy :)

Are you talking about the program files on XP or Win 7?


The program files in the XP virtual machine within Windows 7. Help!!!

Let's step by step, within the XP mode virtual XP machine, right?, can you open My Computer > Disk C? Then navigate to Program Files?

Also open up XP Control Panel > Folder options > View > Show hidden files and folders.


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You can only access the program file in the XP virtual pc. Start up virtual pc, and go into the program files on the vps and then copy what you need and past them into a folder on your Win 7 system before you close down the vpc. or visa versa if needed.


Thanks to both. I feel like a real idiot now! lol. I was able to locate the program files and copy in my data from outside the virtual machine. I think I'll have to install again, though. The program keeps crashing when I open it. I hope there isn't some further incompatibility.

Another question - do I really need to install additional virus protection inside the virtual machine? I have Norton 360 running outside. I hate to have to waste an activation installing it inside the virtual machine as well.


Thanks. Will do.

I'm still having problems. I need to troubleshoot more. The program works fine until I copy over the data files, then it stops working. When I open it after copying over data files, it briefly opens, then shuts down with an error message just saying that it's experienced an error and needs to close. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, without improvement. This is very aggravating. I really need this program to work before fully using this computer, which is replacing the one that died earlier this week. There's no reason why it shouldn't work since this is a fully functioning copy of XP. Oh well.

One more quick question. Is there a way to stop a hung program from within the XP virtual machine without shutting down the whole machine? Bringing up the task manager brings it up for Windows 7 even from within the virtual machine. Thanks.


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If you are in xp windowed mode click the menu item Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose task manger, or right click on the taskbar and choose task manager from the list. Full screen just the right click on the taskbar.


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