Windows 7 .NET Impersonate? RunAs? Running application on another users desktop from an underprivileged users

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripting' started by Josephur, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I'm a programmer and I'm trying to create an app or shortcut that runs a user as an already logged on user (switch users), but also leaves the application running on the privileged users desktop? I cannot use a service, it's out of the question as this is a 3rd party app, and no I don't want to force it to run as a service either (need access to the GUI of the app).


    Magic Jack SIP application runs on Joe's desktop (he's an admin)
    Brittanie wants to be able to start the app, but on Joe's desktop.. she doesn't need access to the GUI of it on his desktop, just needs to be able to start this app.
    Joe wants to be able to see the app she started once he logs in as he normally would.

    Anyone know how I would go about doing this? (VB.NET, C#..) or any kind of scripting would do as well, doesn't have to be .NET.

    I don't want to impersonate here as that would bring the app to Brittanie and not leave it started on Joe's desktop... any takers? :D

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