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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Roler, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Hey, have tried to look online for this problem, but did not find any answers.

    So the problem is that when I try to open Network and sharing center the window flashes up empty and in less than a second it disappears.

    I've tried to open it from several places, but it seems like it is no longer installed, but I have never deleted it.

    This is how it looks like, you can see that the image for the icon is no longer there, any thoughts ? Error.
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    I would say it's "Vis nettwerk og -oppgaver", "Koble til nettverk"...

    This is a US-English forum, not sure if you're Norwegian or Dutch, I'd guess Norwegian, I'm a Swedish speaking Finn with good knowledge in German, so I do have a connection there... most in here don't probably have it.

    I'd say, a cable contact could be the problem. Check you don't have cables twisted, or have had your dog bitten them.

    Go to Control Panel > Device Manager, and check if you have some question marks there. Or uninstall your net drivers, then re-install them. Or put in the original drivers you got with your computer / motherboard, maybe via re-installing all on your mobo? It may take you a step back, but you can always update later.

    Is it a new problem, appeared recently, whilst everything worked well earlier? Or a new installation that won't start properly?

    Lykke til.

    P.S. Have your personal files in another partition or disk, separated from Windows. That way you can re-install Windows without affecting your personal files.
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