Windows 10 Network Diagnostic Information

I noticed you say you made the cables. I would put it on a tester then or buy some premade online.
A cable following the T-568B standard is a crossed cable. Some computers auto detect and correct it, but not all.
I think you should use the T-568A standard.
If it's going computer to a router a B cable would be correct. If it were to a switch it would be an A cable. Most devices today can detect and switch the Tx Rx logic
I have some updates. The cable works on Windows XP with Atheros AR8121 PCI-E network card.
In windows 7, with Realtek RTL8101 PCI-E network adapter, doesn't work and have exactly the same behavior with Windows 10 running a Realtek chip using PCI-e. (seems like the cable isn't connected properly, keep trying to identify connection). Also checked with another windows10 machine with the same results.

All drivers are updated and are the latest available. The other end of the cable is connected to a router/modem of ZTE (ZXHN H108N V2.3) running modulation ADSL2+
With some further digging, it seems the cable is bad quality.
When I changed Speed&Dublex down to 10Mbps it worked. I suppose XP use low-speed connection by default since its an old OS.

Thanks everyone for your valuable help, especially Neemobeer.
Best regards.
I'm having a networking problem. I'd like to post the Network Info file but I use a Hosts File to block websites. It comes out a really big file. Would that be Ok to post or should I deal with all of the Hosts entries first.
Would you tell the nose why this is working on the printer not on the screen to select the print.
PERHAPS I wrong how would i see that it is not hiding as a result THANK YOU,
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I'm not really sure what you're asking. The zip file contains a batch script that collects various network related information for troubleshooting network issues.
Hi i did: after that made i search where is the result not showing txt.? thank you Rapaaja


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The results should be on the desktop. For better results right click the script and "Run As Administrator"
HI Thanks for the answer I had chosen wrong when the performance did not work as expected Thank you. Rapaaja