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Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
I have a D-Link DIR 825 router and when I open Network & sharing, under Network Infrastructure I see a Linksys wrt110, at times it's icon goes away for a few minutes, then re-appears, If I right click on the icon I don't get a delete option (greydd out), if I select properties I'm asked for a PIN number. I don't own a Lynksys router and I'm wondering why it's showing up on my network?
I'm concerned about security.


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Security should always be a concern with wireless networks. If I were you, I would take some time and reconfigure, my D-Link network.
Change the SSID, change the channel, on the lan side change the IP address of the router, as well as the DHCP address pool for addresses that it hands out.
If you have any questions about how to do any of this post back and I', sure someone will be able to help

Thanks for your reply, I will try what you suggested.
I forgot to mention that I Have MAC filtering on the router, would there still be a security risk?
I also have an XP laptop and a MAC Book laptop (configured router with the MAC Book) the Windows 7 machine shows the other router.


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Keep us posted as to how you are making out and if the other router disappears.
MAC filtering certainly adds another layer of security to your network, but we get questions here and on other sites, often from folks wanting to know how to change their mac address. While I'm sure that in most instances these are innocent queries, I can't help but think that some may be people wanting to do some spoofing to get around mac filtering.

I'll keep you posted.
I got this D-Link because my old router's (Buffalo) activity light was constantly flashing when my computer(s) were turned off, even with WEP enabled.
Since I live in an apartment building it would be impossible to try and find who's trying to access my network, I'm now connected via ethernet until I can try your suggestions.
Again, thanks

I seem to be having the same issue as "buckboy". I am running Windows 7 Starter on an HP Mini 110 netbook. I have a AT&T 2Wire wireless gateway as my "router/modem". I just noticed that there was a icon showing in my "Network" window that was a "Linksys WRT-110".

When I have my wireless antenna turned on, it shows up. When I turn it off it goes away. If I click on the router icon, it asks me to type the 8 digit pin number from the router label to set it up. If I right click on the router icon I'm given the options "Configure", "Create Shortcut", or "Properties". I can open the properties menu and it gives me the manufacturer, Model, Model #, "Device Webpage Unavailable". Under "Troubleshooting Information" it gives me the Serial Number as : 12345678. It also lists a MAC address, a Unique id, and for IP Address it states Unavailable.

I've looked at my ARP table and the device MAC is no where to be found. I've run Angry IP Scanner and no strange IPs show on my network.

Why would this show up if it's not on my subnet? Is it a Windows fluke? Is it just a neighbor with a Linksys sitting there waiting to be configured? (I don't see any "Linksys" or similar SSIDs in range).

Windows shows my other wired desktop in the Network page, but is not showing my 2Wire AT&T router. But the MAC address it's giving me for the Linksys does not match my 2Wire.


I've experienced exactly the same "problem" on my network.

I've also noticed that when i try to access the mysterious router, my wifi card tries to access a wireless network but fails (because i dont know the correct pin).

So my conclusion of this is that the router that pops up under network infrastructures is the name of the router which provides a wireless network that is within reach.

The name (SSID) of the wireless network is the same sort of name that my router (that came with my ADLS line) had with the deafult configuration. Ie mine was TN_private_0078D4 and the network i try to access is TN_private_HHTVAK.. Could this be a clue?

Edit: Its almost certain that the mysterious router comes bundled from the same ISP. Is it possible that the nearby ISP switch allows me to see the router because we're on the same ISP network?

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I also have the same mysterious neighbor showing up in my network infrastructure which prevents my wireless from working properly. I can't delete or block the invading device. Anyone have any solutions to this yet ?

I dont believe that the extra router has caused me any problems. Are you sure that the problems your experiencing are related to the extra router?


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I also have the same mysterious neighbor showing up in my network infrastructure which prevents my wireless from working properly. I can't delete or block the invading device. Anyone have any solutions to this yet ?
It's generally about proximity, so if you can move your computer closer to your own wireless router you may be able to overcome the problem. It's a fact of life that more powerful radios can overpower and effectively jam weaker devices, and even devices in your own home may cause problems. Attempt to get into your router's configuration page and select another channel. If you are currently using 3 move to 11 or vice versa. Maybe attempt to communicate with your neighbor and coordinate an effort to select channels further apart from each other depending on your individual equipment and what options are available perhaps they might consider using channel 1, 2 or 3 and you might try 9, 10 or 11.

could this be a virtual adapter shareing out internet at someone's home, i heard that it can do that automatically. i have this issue also, only, it's different with me because the network that's showing up in my infrastructure list is a netgear AP and it wants you to enter a pin and stuff but this netgear network is an open access point i accidentally connect to it all the time.

also when i r-click my router there's an option to enable/disable it, either way i connect to the internet. i wonder what this does.

I also had the same problem with two Linsks routers showing up on my network. However I do believe that one of my neighbors was trying to use my internet. I noticed it as I switched from ATT DSL to ATT Uverse, which is a lot faster connection. Thank you as I changed the channel and they disappeared.

I have the same "network infrastructure" issue with the 2 linksys showing up. My issue is that when I try or my daughter try to connect wirelessly to my router it says its connected to my router as public with limited access or home connected. We like the home connected. How do I get it to stop the connecting to public with limited access?


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I'm assuming that you only have one router at you location and the other is a ghost router.

Try changing the ssid of yours if you have not already done that.

If you have not tried yet do a power down of router.

Lastly reset the router and re-configure.

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