Network not showing computers and routers

Hi All
Have just installed W7 build 7600 on lappy.

My SOHO network is as follows:
Primary Router: Netcomm Broadband/Wireless/VOIP IP, used upstairs for phone and family computers, both wired and wireless
Connected to Downstairs Office which has:
DLink gigabit switch , used for XP, Vista and Windows SBS and printers
connected to Linksys Broadband/Wireless Router static IP

The Linksys is connected to a port on the switch and had DHCP disabled.

When I connect wirelessly to the Netcomm, I can see all computers and the Linksys.

When I connect wirelessly to the Linksys, I can only see my own W7 and the Linksys. I cannot see computers connected to the switch, and I cannot see other computers wireless connected to the Linksys.

Unfortunately, I can't move the routers as the Netcomm provides the family phone connection. When working downstairs, we have to connect to the Linksys as the Netcomm signal is weak and flaky.

1. When connected to the Linksys, how can I see all the computers connected to the Linksys and the switch, in other words, all the computers in the downstairs office? This is the most frustrating bit at the moment, because nothing other than W7 and the Linksys is appearing in the "Network" view.
2. Should the Netcomm router show up on the W7 "Network Infrastructure" view? It doesn't appear on W7 at all.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.



Noob Whisperer
It would seem that the netbios information regarding your network contents is not being passed when you connect to the Linksys. First make sure that in the properties of your wireless adapter on your Win 7 Laptop, under TCP/IP v4 properties/>advanced->wins tab, that Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled. (For testing also just uncheck TCP/IPv6 for now). Second check your services and make sure that TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service is set to automatic and is started. Third do an ipconfig /all when connected to the linksys and then do another when you are connected to the Netcomm and compare to see if there is any major differences. Finally you can always try to statically assign an IP addressing scheme on the Wireless Adapter on the Win7 Laptop that is outside the scope of the DHCP being handed out by the Netcomm, maybe something like, subnet, default gateway of and DNS of (that's a class a network with a class c subnet mask) you may want to investigate and see if your other devices are using a class a subnet mask like ( or a standard class c ( hope this helps...keep us posted

Hi Randy
Thanks for your thorough response.

I can confirm:
- NetBIOS over TCP/IP was enabled and functioning.
- the ipconfig /all for both Netcomm and Linksys are identical

I have tried setting a static IP on lappy as per your instructions, and when connected to Linksys, still cannot see other computers.

Do you have any other ideas?



Noob Whisperer
Did you remember to uncheck IPv6

Yes, IPv6 is unchecked.


Noob Whisperer
Well, heck.....I was just hoping that the linksys was stumbling over IPv6. the laptop works good upstairs, downstairs not so much.....the difference....."Linksys", have you checked the linksys site to see if there is possible a firmware upgrade for that router. I just want to confirm, everything works...internet, smtp, pop3, ping from downstairs to upstairs machine by IP and by Name when you are downstairs connected to the Linksys. Just for the heck of it, try flushing the netbios cache while you are downstairs connected to the linksys, from an elevated command prompt type nbtstat -R you should get a response back something to the effect of "Successful purge and preload, blah blah" after that try pinging another machine by ip and by name and then check and see if it pops up in your network, you may have to choose "See full map" at the top right of the network and sharing center.

Thanks for hanging in with me Randy!

Linksys - yes, I do have the latest firmware.

Downstairs, my win 7 lappy does just fine as a standalone unit. I can do all my work operations, sending receiving emails etc and browsing no prob. Just can't connect to the other computers.

Have tried the flushing the cache, as suggested. Response came back as expected.

Tried pinging. The SBS server appeared, but nothing else. No Vistas and no XPs.


Noob Whisperer
Question...are you running WINS on the SBS server....? If so add it to the Win7 Computer Wins Addresses


Noob Whisperer
Or as another thought, if your SBS server is a DC and is handling DNS services for your network, include that as the primary dns resolver for your Adapter on your laptop

Thanks for your help Randy.

I don't know about WINS, so I'll do some googling.

I have tried using SBS as DNS before, and wasn't too impressed. My browsing would often hang or be slow.

I reckon you were onto it when you pointed the finger at the Linksys. I am going to do some window shopping, and may change that unit out.



Noob Whisperer
OK, but one final thought...on the linksys device do you have the ability to set it to AP mode (Access Point) so it stops all router like behaviour? What model is it?

Hi Randy
Thanks for your thought.

It is a WAG160N


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