network reset


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So I always pair my laptop with my phone; use my mobile hotspot for the Internet. Lately, I have been experiencing some issues while reconnecting.

Say, for instance, I switch on my mobile hotspot, use the internet, then switch off my hotspot, take a break, and then again switch on and try to connect my laptop to my mobile network, It just won't work.

It'll say that it has established a connection. The wifi symbol becomes bright white(indicating a good connection), but the web pages will keep on buffering and will not load. I tried several settings from refreshing my network list, changing IP addresses, changing power settings, updating and re-installing wireless network drivers, etc. Nothing seemed to work. One day, I stumbled upon the network reset option, and it did the trick.

However, I'm tired of having to do a network reset almost every other day, to get back online, in case of interruptions. How do I fix this?

Any help will be appreciated as my exams are going on, and such problems are really stressful