Networking between 7, Vista and XP

I drew a little image to better explain how everything is set up.

JILL and MATT can see each other and access each other's files without needing a password.
JILL and MATT cannot see PRINTERSRV, but PRINTERSRV can see them. PRINTERSRV can access JILL's files with a username and password, but gets an access denied error trying to access MATT's files.
All computers are on the same workgroup (WORKGROUP), JILL and MATT have password required off, file and printer sharing on and have their user folder shared with full access for everyone.
All computers are able to ping each other successfully.

Anyone know why this isn't working?


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Excellent post, and image. Thanks for that.
Now, please clarify "PrinterSrv", Win XP Home Premium Sp3 32bit. Can I assume it is actually XP Home Edition? if so please take a look at the following article from Microsoft.
You receive an "Access is denied" error message when you try to access shares on a Windows XP Home Edition-based computer that is connected to a network
Additionally, the fact that you mention neither of the other two can even see PrinterSrv, makes me wonder if you have some third party software installed (Firewall (comodo,zone alarm) or Internet Security Suite (Norton/Symantec, McAfee, et al)) that might be causing an issue with the netbios information being properly propagated across the network. If any such software is present please uninstall (you can reinstall it later). You say everyone can ping ok, ... by IP and NAME?
Please keep us posted

Yes I did mean Home Edition. I tried enabling guest accounts but there is no difference. I still get access denied.
Although I should probably clarify that it can get into the computer (where it shows all the shared folders) but when trying to access the folder it gets access denied.

The only anti-virus software I have installed is Microsoft Security Essentials, this is on all the computers.
They can all ping each other by internal IP, and by name.

However something odd has happened, today MATT and JILL cannot access each other. They both show up on the network, and I can get into them, but when I try to enter their shared folders JILL gets this error:

And MATT gets this error:

Which is the same as PRINTERSRV is getting when trying to access MATT. PRINTERSRV can still access JILL with a password (even though passworded sharing is off). Very frustrating. :/
Although strangely enough they can still access each others printer folder (MATT has no printers installed though) and I can even install the printer JILL has through the network onto MATT.

They both definitely have permission to access each other and nothing has been changed since they were working the other day.

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Well since leaving password protected sharing off doesn't seem to be working anyway let's try something different. Open Network and Sharing Center on both Win7 machines and from the left column choose "Change advanced sharing settings" and set according to attached image. From the standpoint of best practices, password protecting shares is generally a good idea anyway.
Another consideration is the additional tab "Security" that is now present on all NTFS formatted volumes. So you need to double check and make sure that the appropriate user has been granted adequate NTFS permissions to access the share. Common user names and passwords accross all machines on the network, while not absolutely necessary will help make things easier, while also allowing and supporting more granular security and control of your shares.
Here's a link TechExams.Net - MCSA/MCSE 70-290 TechNotes: Shared Folder and NTFS Permissions that's a little wordy but scroll down and make sure you read and understand that when you combine share permissions with ntfs security permissions, the most restrictive always prevails.

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