Never let Win7 manage your freshly formatted Hard Drives.

Well Well, Let me explain my experience of Disk Management in Windows 7!

To start off I ordered a brand new hard drive, installed it into my pc. I booted up win7 "at the time with the current hard drive I was using for win7" , at first windows 7 recognized the new drive but asking for "Win7" to manage it , I had 3 options, First win7 recommended to use the hard drive as a MBR HDD, Second convert to Dynamic , Third after Dynamic to convert to Basic. Well not thinking I went with MBR, so that screwed up the MBR in Win7 , I had to boot into Win7 Repair Disk "Win7 Install Disk" Selected Repair then selecting CMD Prompt, So I enter
 bootsect /nt60 ALL /MBR
. That fixed my boot problem, but another problem arrived , that new hdd was useless after that, I could partition that hdd into 2 3 or 4 partitions or even 5 with extended under gparted, But! when I booted back into win7, win7 recognized only the first partition only and w/e size it was "the 1st partition", so I try format it with win7 blah blah go back to gparted to partition the hdd, Guess what I see in the flag area? Yup MSFTRES , I am like wth flag is that, "i never heard of this ever" so I go through formatting it over and over with gparted and win7, DAMN that msftres would not leave my hdd, So here I was just dumbfounded for hours trying my best. So I said screw it ima dban the hdd, I formatted the hdd with dban "11hrs it took, I knew how dreading long it would be anyhow", once it was finished I booted into win7, went to Disk management, same thing the three options, so I try the dynamic option, booted gparted to finally partition the hdd, What do I see? msftres flag "damn that msftres" so I knew it, something was wrong, I recalled that I have install Western Digital Data Lifeguard a while back, so I went started the software up, did a analyze on the hdd, what do I see ohhh! a quick write zero's option, so I used it, "took 2 mins" finally after the format where I said nah im go straght to gparted and make the partitions then, so lahdy dahdy gparted is up, I right click on the unallocated partition to create a ntfs partition, what does gparted ask me to do? It asks if I like to make this hdd msdos, :O I was like "flash before my eyes a couple years when I dban'd and had to us win98 boot disk to make the disk msdos", so I let gparted make it msdos and partitioned it like how I wanted it, booted into win7, Whats this? All the partitions I created are Showing :D. It was my fault in a way letting msdos slip my mind, well that was my headache of yesterday, N today is a much better day, I got my Freshly installed win7 on partition one, all my storage on partition two making it a delightful day.

In terms this was my fault & not, windows 7 fails to ask to make the hdd msdos ready, win98 Boot Disk or Gparted works fine making a freshly formatted "a real true zeros Format" hdd msdos ready. Well I lived and learned.
That's my Conclusion of Windows 7 Disk Management.

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