new hardware tech windows ? yes

i have developed some new technology in late 2014. now we all know the bios is the foundation of computer software. now a new tech has been discovered. basically to indemint Bios with the computer hardware allows for a full software installation to be as software and hardware software is not needed since since the bios is already w/ the hardware instead of the current electric computer hardware network model to use primarily and only with the electric. which is the current chip model. now this new design is far more superior than the computers today. this post is a new hw technology.

thanks for your time. keep in mind computers w/ the hardware already installed.
means you only have to work on software. pretty good prog.

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I wonder what he's on . . .


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I don't know....but the OP might want to ease back some....holy crap what a load of crap!!!!


heres a piece of hw that has geothermal electric. pretty cool. if the metal is acidic like some of the parts on the pc.
this build generates geothermal electric pretty cool. the 3v 3w system is nice means this should work fine instead of having it hooked up to the 120.
have a nice day.

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