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Could you please check he specs of the two machines?
Those with 12 are the 1200$ one and the ones with 9 are the 900$ one. The pages are 1,2,3 or each.
I want virtual box and as many necessary fetures as I can. This is what Micro center had to offer pre built.
I use my onwn reinstallation media and the 3 year warranty is $169.
Thank you - I will check back


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Depending on how many VMs you want to run at the same time and what OS you probably want 2 cores and 4GB per VM you will be running at the same time and at least a 500GB SSD if you want fast storage.
Due to my limitations, I don't know PC language well.
As to how may virtual machines at one time I can put it this way: I would use either Virtual Box or VmWare with a guest to test apps.
So I should look for 2 cores, 500 GB storage and 4 GB per VM - does that mean two guests or 2 machines like Virtual Box and VMware?

When I read system specs it mentions many terms about virtualization like Virtualization technology, Intel VT-x.
Is there any specific term that should be stated so I can run Virtual Box or free Vmware?

If you have already answered the question, thank you.
The specs in the PDF's above were the beginning of my search for a PC and I know the sales person over sold me.
I hope I can get a tower for 800$ that will be capable of Virtual Box with a guest and other decent features; PSU 500,Intel, ?12GB RAM(if Possible),
Win 10 pro, no OEM, DVD+-, USB 3 etc.
Is an integrated Graphics card acceptable or do I need a dedicated one?
Virtualization technology is the motherboard | cpu allows V-systems to use computer parts without having to go to the host 1st... any board made in the last 5 years will have something along this line

V-systems are called hypervisors and your basic options are;
Virtual box - total waist of time
Vmware - a good system but getting on a bit nowdays, needs more ram but allows the g-card so good option for running older games and such that don't work in todays Windows
HyperV - free with Windows 10 pro and the best at ram | cpu management but does not allow access to the host g-card so not an option for games

the rule of one i.e, each host system can have only one hypervisor so if you pick Virtual box then you cann't also have Hyper-v
as a workaround you can run dual boots with each system running a different hypervisor but the drive needs to be managed with care to stop them talking to each other
I had a rig built by a friend and all is well. I chose not to enable virtualization in the BIOS/UEFI.