New Print Management Functions in Windows 7


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You can put Doc’s name on the list of people glad to see Windows 7 finally hit streets and hard disks everywhere. I’ll leave it to those more pundity than I to assess the overall value of Windows 7, but I say that there are quite a few new print-management functions in this new operating system.
Windows 7 introduces improvements to printing in Windows that provide increased performance and reliability for print users. For IT administrators who remotely manage network print resources, these enhancements provide more flexibility and better management overall.
Here’s just a little hint from Microsoft’s own technical library:
“Who Will Want to Use Print Management?
“IT professionals who manage users, printers, printer drivers, print queues, and print servers in a domain environment using the Print Management Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in and the Printbrm.exe command-line tool will want to use Print Management.â€Â￾
What are the new and changed features?

Print Management provides the following new and improved features to Windows printing:
  • Print migration enhancements
  • Printer driver isolation
  • Print Management MMC snap-in improvements
  • Client-side Rendering (CSR) performance improvements
  • XML Paper Specification (XPS) print path improvements
  • Location-aware printing
In addition, there are UI improvements to the Add Printer Wizard.
You can find more information on the new print functions in Windows 7 from the Windows7Update site.

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