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Windows 7 New to Windows 7


New Member
Jan 27, 2009
Hello, I installed Windows 7 last night.

Everything is pretty astounishing, Windows is snappy, gets to the point even with my aging computer.

However, I'm having a few problems:

It's my TV computer, and it's connected to it with a S-video cable on my Nvidia GeForce5 FX5200 that has 128 megs of video RAM. But the desktop icons fonts are really ugly, they're pretty much fuzzy or blurry looking. You really have to figure out what you're looking for. And that's even with the drivers updated from Nvidia's website. In fact, I installed the Vista ones and it didn't complain at all so I figured it would be ok. Am I missing something here?

Another thing, I tried playing a movie through the Media Center but it crashed (blue screen + reboot) 2 times on 2 different movies.

Finally, is there any hoops I have to jump through to make my Hauppauge PVR-150 work with the Media Center, and the whole thing work with my set-top box? There was a setup for this in the beginning, but I chose to skip it and now I cannot find it anymore!


The machine:
Compaq EVO D510
2.4ghz cpu
1.25Gb RAM
Nvidia FX5200 128MB on CRT TV