news flash! wi-fi is now the new dialup

seems like pc is acting slowly than normal. could it be from my anti virus? or chrome? or another application? i expect internet to be fast, no substitutions. but we all cannot have what we want, especially if using weak wifi from isp. iam not on ethernet btw. this pc, its old. bought in 2008. maybe its due to its age..i recently experienced a BSOD episode. but recovered without any damage done. i researched topics on fine tuning browser to make fast, but crashed it 2 times so i left it alone. any hints would be nice


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You are using wifi from your isp? I guess that is possible but most likely wifi comes from your local router which is in turn connected to your isp. Is it possible to connect your computer to your router via an ethernet cable? That will usually provide a much better connection than using wifi.

thx. i guess i need to upgrade my router as its a bit old. no worries

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