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Is there any way I can open Nikon's .NEF files in Win 7 64-bit?
I searched the web and found a codec, but it was for 32-Bit, but I installed it any ways to try, and it did not work.

I also found a codec that works for 64-bit, but it costs money, and I don't want to pay for it.

Any ideas?


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ViewNX 1.3.0 - Windows

You can go to Nikon Support and look for ViewNX and download it, it reads Nef, jpg and tiff files. I have a Nikon D80, so I am registered and can get it for free. The Nikon RAW Codec, Nikon Transfer and ViewNX are for 32 bit, but work on my Windows 7100/64 bit system with no issues.

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For the NEF codec:

Nikon Imaging | Global Site | Nikon RAW Codec - NEF Codec Download
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I've tried installing that codec and it did not work. all that happend was that the NEF thumbnails changed but I could still not read them.

I don't wan't to install a program to view them, I got Photoshop for that.

My build is win 7 7057, could be that it does not work on that build.

I will be installing RC this weekend, then I will see if that codec works.